The coastal zone attracts many practices, such as fishery, recreation and tourism, industry and transportation, different types of development that are compatible only to a limited extent. An increased human use of the coastal zone carries the risk of a substantial reduction of the coastal zone to deliver ecosystem out, especially on Natural Parks and protected areas. The coastal zone is thus a scene on which a variety of conflicts are being played out, where compromises are being achieved between different social goals such as sustainability, economic efficiency and equity, and where various property-rights regimes take place.

The Organizing Committee of ICCCM'07 is pleased to announce that the forthcoming event of the series International Conference on Coastal Conservation and Management in the Atlantic and Mediterranean will be held at the Magic Life Africana Imperial Hotel in Hammamet, Tunisia from March 22 through 26, 2007.

This multi-disciplinary international conference is convened as a forum for scientists, engineers, planners and managers to discuss recent or new advances in scientific, technical, and socio-economic understanding of environmental issues related to coastal processes. The conference includes an interesting programme, which comprises a technical visit to the development project of the southern lagoon in Tunis, the capital.

The objective of this conference is to promote international exchange of knowledge between researchers, managers and technicians, as well as professionals working in coastal zones conservation and management. The Conference also aims to share experiences and promote new working relations.

The official language of the conference will be English.


1 . Strategic Environmental Assessment in Coastal Areas

  • Assessment, best practices and case study reports
  • Methods and techniques
  • Indicators of sustainable development
  • Other indicators (governmental actions, ecological indicators)

2 . Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

  • Integrated approaches on estuaries and adjacent coastal zones
  • Integrated coastal interventions and soft protection measures
  • Governing and Governance
  • Social and economic costs and benefits of ICZM
  • Strategy for the implementation of ICZM at national levels

3. The Sea

  • Coastal Laws, their application and associated problems
  • Sea and coastal pollution
  • Transport and coastal pollution
  • Civil protection

4 . Living with Erosion

  • Erosion versus land use (studies and conflicts)
  • Sedimentary budgets and coastline evolution
  • Storms and consequences
  • Coastal erosion indicators

5. Sustainable Coastal Tourism and Quality label Programmes

  • Tourism and Coastal Conservation
  • Good practices and benchmarking programmes for tourism destinations
  • Defining, measuring and evaluating the carrying capacity of a coastal tourism destination
  • Operational indicators for tourism quality and sustainability in coastal areas
  • National and International quality label programmes for tourism destinations


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