Keynote Speakers


  Water: the challenge of sustainability
Francisco Nunes Correia

Full Professor of Water Resources and Environment at Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon, Portugal and member of the Na tional Water Council; Former President of the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Technical Advisor of the Portuguese Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources and former Ministry for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development.
  Mitigation of climate change in the hydraulic environment
Suzana Kahn Ribeiro

Green Economy Sub Secretary of the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat of Environment; Associate Professor of Transport Planning at UFRJ; Vice- Chair of the Working Group III – IPCC; Former member of the Steering Committee - GAP “Emissions Gap report”, European Climate Founda tion; President of the Scientific Committee of Brazilian Panel on Climate Change and Consultant for the Brazilian R&D Council.
  Coastal engineering challenges in a changing world
Steven A. Hughes

Former Research Hydraulic Engineer at the U.S. Army Engineer Re search and Development Centre, CHL, Vicksburg, MS. Worked on the practical application of laboratory experimentation and small-scale physical models in several fields and technology transfer of research into practical engineering guidance. At the moment is Senior Research Scientist at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.
  Ecosystem hydrodynamics: conceptual framework, recent advances, and perspectives
Vladimir Nikora

Sixth Century Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Leader of the Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics Research Group, Univer sity of Aberdeen, School of Engineering, UK. His current research activi ties are: mechanics of environmental rough-bed water flows and flow- biota interactions at multiple scales. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edin burgh, and 2010 Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award of the ASCE (“The award recognizes outstanding contributions to hydraulics and wa terways”).