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The Hydraulics and Water Resources Institute (IHRH) have been involved in projects and studies within the following main areas of activity:

Water Supply Systems, Sewerage Systems and Water Resources Management

Study of water origins for the great supply systems to the north region, including general conception studies of the water supply systems to the littoral north region (watersheds of Minho, Lima, Cávado and Douro);


General conception studies for the multi-municipal water supply systems detained by Águas do Cávado and by Águas do Douro e Paiva;


Studies related to problems on groundwater sources;


General conception of the sewerage systems of Porto, Gondomar and the littoral of Vila Nova de Gaia


Consultancy in the fields of planning and managing of sewerage networks systems as well as urban solid waste


Consultancy during the construction of several wastewater treatment plants


Mathematical modelling and optimization of water supply and sewerage network systems


Consultancy in the characterisation of industrial effluents and subsequent conception of the respective treatment plant


Advisory support on several service contracts evaluation processes for the design and construction of several water supply and sewerage network systems, some of great complexity

Fluvial Hydraulics and Hydroelectric Power Plants

Elaboration of over 30 hydrologic studies and feasibility studies of small-hydroelectric plants


Studies of the hydroelectric potential of Ave watershed for the Commission of Coordination and Regional Development of North


Fluvial regulation studies


Fluvial docks


Urban hydrology, including environmental rehabilitation studies of several littoral small streams

Coastal Engineering

Coordination and participation in the studies of vulnerability along the Portuguese coast (project involving eleven national institutions and made available through EU funding)

Consultancy in the Coastal Zone Management Plans of Caminha/Espinho and Ovar/Marinha Grande

Consultancy in studies relating to coastal structures and rehabilitation of over 40 structures within groynes and seawalls along the coast between Espinho and Figueira da Foz

Numerical modelling of the effects of several sea outfalls, including maritime data gathering

Consultancy in the design and during the construction of several sea outfalls

Numerical modelling of wave propagation at the harbours of Leixões and Póvoa de Varzim

Renewal studies for the Leixões harbour (south breakwater)

Consultancy in studies on the Douro mouth and estuary

Spatial plans of fishing support facilities

Advisory support on several service contracts evaluation processes for the design and construction of coastal defence structures, some of great complexity

Studies on salt intrusion at the rivers Douro and Lima

Research and Development

Central domains of R&D are water management and urban water circle, as well as coastal engineering and integrated coastal zone management. IHRH participates in a host of ongoing National funded (namely by the Science and Technology Foundation) and EU-funded research and development projects. For information on most recent projects, visit the related pages. Technical reports and PhD/MSc thesis created from various R&D studies may be examined free of charge via our library.

IHRH has also supported several national and international scientific meetings, within conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses over the last few decades, including the publications of more than 10 volume proceedings. Most of these meetings result from the strait collaboration of EUROCOAST – Portugal Association which facilities are located since January 1993 in IHRH.

IHRH uses a wide range of GIS solutions in the development of its works.